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Copeland Toyota Service Center

8 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Car To Copeland 's Vehicle Service and Parts Center

Engineers spent thousands of hours designing and testing your Toyota Camry, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sienna or other car truck or SUV to ensure that it will last and perform the way you expect it to. At Copeland Toyota, our technicians and service center staff similarly spend thousands of hours in training in order to ensure that we perform the maintenance and service that you need to keep your vehicle on the road. Whether you need express service for routine maintenance like fluids, oil filter changes or tires, or you have been in an accident and you need repairs that will bring your car back to a factory-new look, we have you covered.



More importantly, we understand that being part of the Copeland Toyota family means you may not expect or have the time to spend all day at our well-appointed service center. Whether you need activities for your children or internet access, we want to make sure that your time at our service center provides the minimum amount of hassle so that you can keep going with your day. In addition, we offer loaner and rental vehicles as well as a variety of off our amenities to ensure that you can plan your day around getting your vehicle serviced rather than having it take up all of your day.

ToyotaCare and Toyota Service Care

When you buy a new Toyota car, truck or SUV, it comes standard with ToyotaCare. This goes beyond the warranty protection that you have for any potential defects or issues that you have for your vehicle. In addition to those protections, with ToyotaCare you can bring in your vehicle to the Copeland Toyota service center for the first two years and 25,000 miles for all scheduled maintenance including:

  • Toyota oil and filter change
  • Toyota tire rotation
  • Fluid level inspection and top-off
  • A multi-point inspection
  • Toyota Roadside Assistance


Our ASE- and Toyota-certified technicians perform all of these services and are also ready if you need to take advantage of the complimentary roadside assistance. A national network of Toyota professionals helps with tire issues, dead batteries and emergency fuel delivery. We’re here if you break down nearby or get into an accident and need a tow to a trusted local service center.

Just as important is our commitment to owners after those first two years are done. You can sign up for ToyotaCare Plus for up to four years and 45,000 miles as long as you have driven your vehicle for 31,000 miles or less and have owned it for less than three years. Doing so locks in your maintenance prices for the long-haul, guarantees that same 24-hour emergency assistance and guarantees peace of mind.

In fact, we find that a lot of buyers at Copeland Toyota start to feel like members of the family. So even if your car, truck or SUV isn’t eligible for one of those programs, we still offer Toyota Service Care. It offers the same benefits as ToyotaCare for two years each time you sign up and can be renewed for the life of your vehicle. Just get in touch with our service center to learn more about what plans are available.

Copeland Auto Repair Services

 Massachusetts Vehicle Service Center 

Our team of Toyota and ASE-certified technicians have more than 10 years of experience each in making sure your Camry, Corolla, 4Runner or Tundra is ready to get back on the road, and work hard each and every day. We understand that owner members of the Copeland family may not have set aside eight hours of their schedule to spend at our service center. So we’ve made it easier to spend some time with us, even with kids in tow, or make sure that you can keep your daily schedule with the least amount of time.

Toyota Express Maintenance and Service Near Me

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was an old adage about how racing-inspired models would bring buyers and owners into showrooms. Race teams don’t just inspire innovations in designs for performance and safety, though. Toyota’s Express Maintenance is based on the pit crew experience from our teams across motorsport, from deserts to NASCAR to Le Mans. The idea is that each technician has a role and a checklist of activities to perform on your vehicle. 



Moving in concert helps ensure that our certified technicians perform each step to the highest standard, and also guarantees that you get back on the road as soon as possible. During each Express Maintenance appointment, we perform:

  • Toyota engine oil and filter changes;
  • Toyota tire rotations
  • Fluid level inspections and replenishment;
  • Multi-point inspections; and tire rotations

Each uses Toyota OEM equipment so that we can guarantee you’ll have the same performance and safety that you have come to expect.

Your vehicle may need more than that to ensure that it performs at your standards, and ours. In addition to Express Maintenance protocols for the above inspections and procedures, we have also streamlined and perfected our processes for the following services:

  • Repairing, mounting and balancing tires
  • Wheel alignment and rotation regardless of drive system (front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel and four wheel drive)
  • Brake service
  • Transmission and brake fluid flushing and replacements
  • Belt, hose and similar wear part replacements

At Copeland Toyota, we want you to feel confident that whether your issue is as small as a broken radio antenna or as complex as a slipping gear in your transmission, you can get the care for your vehicle and get back on the road as soon as possible with Toyota repair and maintenance.




Recommended Service Intervals and Steps You Can Take

As you put miles on your new or recently bought Toyota, you’ll find that it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy them with the combination of reliability and performance. To ensure maximum longevity, make sure that you service your vehicle at the manufacturer-recommended intervals. Every 5,000 miles, you should have an oil and filter change, tire rotation and fluid and other inspection. Beyond that, major service intervals for our RAV4 include:

  • 30,000 miles- Replacement of cabin and air filters; inspection of transmission, ball joints, drive shaft boots, fuel system, radiator, steering system and more
  • 45,000 miles - Inspection of brake lines and hoses, exhaust system, steering system and radiator and condenser
  • 60,000 miles - A repeat of the inspections from the 30,000-mile service interval, tire rotation and engine oil and filter changes

Most of our recent Toyota offerings include a number of warning lights tied to sensors so that you can track what care your vehicle might need. Even still, if you want to be sure that your car, truck or SUV isn’t in the early stages of a potentially costly future issue, we have some tips that you can follow to ensure everything is working properly.

Use your owner’s manual to find where your coolant tank, oil dipstick and transmission fluid tanks are.


They come marked with minimum and maximum levels. If you see levels that are out of these bounds, schedule an appointment with us so that we can help you find out what’s going on.


Check your tires’ air pressure and wear levels.


If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it will let you know on the heads-up display whether or not you need inflation or one of your tires may have a leak. However, you should also check each tire’s wear every few weeks. The easiest way to do this is with a penny stuck between treads. If you can see all of Honest Abe’s head, you need to get your tires replaced soon.

Listen and feel for any brake issues.


Brake pads are designed to start screeching when you press them if they are low on material and need replacement. You may also want to schedule service if you do not feel your brakes working as well as they have been.




Copeland Toyota Service Specials

Our service center staff stands behind the quality and value delivered with each service, whether it’s through our Express program or with a more complex process like replacing and balancing tires or making repairs to your braking system. At Copeland Toyota, we also regularly offer special prices on services ranging from oil and oil filter changes, inspections, brake services and more. Check here regularly for the latest information on how to get the maximum value on your next visit to Copeland Toyota’s Service Center.


OEM Toyota Parts for Your Vehicle

When you want to ensure that the components going into your Toyota car, truck or SUV will work properly for its lifetime, leave it to the expert. At Copeland Toyota, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts when we service your vehicle.

If you take your car or SUV to another shop for repairs, they are likely to use aftermarket parts like oil filters, brake pads and other pieces as part of their repairs. There’s often nothing wrong with this choice, but you do make some compromises. For example, You are trusting a company that is much smaller than Toyota, which spends billions of dollars engineering new cars and trucks every year. They have engineers whose only job is stress-testing these parts before they end up in your car.


You are trusting that the parts are properly designed for your vehicle. While Toyotas are popular, it’s true that some aftermarket companies try to get away with a one-size-fits-all approach to things like tires or brake rotors. If that happens, it can be tough for even the most experienced mechanic to ensure it will work properly with the Toyota systems in your vehicle.

You are getting a much shorter warranty. When a Toyota-certified service center makes repairs under warranty using OEM parts, you get to keep your warranty. Outside of that, you can often receive guarantees that are far longer with OEM parts, because the testing has already been done for that specific part on your vehicle. Often it has been done thousands of times.


OEM Toyota Parts for Your Vehicle

Take advantage of the years of training our Toyota and ASE-certified technicians have without paying full-price for Genuine Toyota parts! We are regularly able to offer discounts on OEM parts that are guaranteed to fit and help your vehicle perform at factory-new condition. Stop worrying about whether or not another repair shop will be able to offer performance guarantees and take advantage of these part specials here at Copeland Toyota.



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Quality work. Genuine Parts. Exceptional service. These are often just buzzwords that you can find on any dealership website, but at Copeland Toyota, we have both the reviews and the benefits to back it up. Check out our Copeland family of owners’ reviews on Google and you will find that we have served the Brockton community and beyond by providing the service options they need without annoying up-sells or other hassles as part of the process.


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