Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Service

If you're a busy driver, then you know about those beeps and bangs you just hate to hear. Strange noises coming from your car that you didn't hear the day before. Dashboard indicator lights flickering on as you drive down a highway at night. Rattles and squeals when you come to a stop at a large intersection. Fact is, these noises and warnings are meant to tell you something about your vehicle, and at our Toyota dealership in Brockton, MA, we'll let you know exactly what they're trying to say. The Copeland Toyota team has been at this for a while, so we have plenty of experience and training to answer your burning questions and direct you to the proper solutions. For a start, check out the following answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about something, don't hesitate to stop by or give us a call -- we're happy to shed some light on the situation!

Q: Where Do I Go When I Arrive for My Service Appointment?

A: Follow the service sign and pull up to the automatic door. Our greeter will meet you once you're inside the building and can assign you to the correct service consultant.

Q: Why Did the Tire Light Turn On in My Dashboard After a Cold Snap?

A: After every sudden downswing in air temperature, your tire pressure will change by about 1-2 psi. This will set off your tire-pressure indicator.

Q: Why Did My "Maintenance Required" Light Suddenly Activate?

A: This indicator will turn on every 5,000 miles to let you know that routine maintenance and an oil change may be required. Come to Copeland Toyota. The auto service you receive here will include a tire rotation and pressure adjustment, a check and top-off of your fluids and a comprehensive multi-point inspection.

Q: Why Do I Hear a Buzzing/Groaning Noise When I Brake in Bad Weather?

A: This is the sound of the ABS (anti-lock brake system) engaging, and is normal. Keep even pressure on the brake pedal and DO NOT pump the brakes. The vehicle will stop in a straight line and your steering will maintain itself and remain under your control.

Q: My Check Engine Light Is On! Should I Be Driving the Car?

A: Yes, as long as that light isn't flashing and the vehicle is performing correctly. Still, be sure to call our dealership and schedule a service appointment as soon as you can so we can properly diagnose the situation.

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