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2021 Toyota Tacoma vs Ford Ranger

Find The Perfect Midsize Truck | 2021 Toyota Tacoma In Brockton, MA

Shopping for a new truck comes with many options. Not too big and not too small. Mid-size trucks are the perfect compromise. Mid-size vehicles aren’t as pricey as a larger truck, however they haul and load with the power and force of a larger vehicle. The perfect in between. As the selection of mid-sized trucks vary, there has been a battle between the 2021 Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. Which mid-size vehicle is superior?



The team here at Copeland Toyota rated and reviewed the details of each vehicle, laying out the superior model. We make car shopping easier, so you can shop with ease. Contact a member of our Brockton, MA team to discuss vehicle options, today.


One of the valued luxuries that comes with purchasing a brand new vehicle, is being able to reap the benefits of its up-to-date technologies and features. In today’s day and age, almost all new vehicles are equipped with premium features to better entertain you during your ride. However, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma such as the ones we carry here in our Copeland dealership seem far superior. 


The Tacoma has a 7-inch touchscreen display, stocked with audio multimedia features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Audio, and Amazon Alexa to keep you connected to calls, music, and apps while staying safe on the road. In addition, the four exterior cameras surrounding the ,id-size Tacoma display a panoramic view monitor with a 360-degree view around the truck. Three USB ports are stationed in the front of the vehicle, so your charging is easy for electronic devices as well.

Tacoma in desert
Tundra off Road


Performance capabilities are vital when buying a new truck and the Toyota Tacoma does not disappoint. Unlike the Ranger, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma offers two engines with the base 2.7 liter 4-cylinder generating 278 horsepower and 256 pounds of torque! It comes with 6 speed automatic transmission. 


One of the amazing benefits of owning a Toyota vehicle is having Toyota Safety Sense. When you purchase a 2021 Toyota Tacoma here at Copeland Toyota of Brockton, MA, it is included. This comes with FCW pedestrian protection, Lane Departure Warning, adaptive cruise control, as well as automatic high beams. Our Tacoma has a 4-star rating for overall crash protection, proving the best in it’s division. Unlike the Ford Ranger, the Tacoma received accessible ratings for front-passenger protection.


Mid-size trucks tow with power and half the size. Don't get confused by the 2021 Toyota Tacoma’s sleek designs. It has a tow-rating of up to 6,700 pounds! Along with the surrounded view monitor, hooking tow loads and viewing them is made simple. Off-roading is made easy with Toyota Crawl Control which automatically modulates the throttle brakes within this mid-size truck allowing it to navigate any terrain. Specific to the Tacoma, there is an electronically controlled locking rear engine, allowing both rear wheels to move at the same speed providing maximum grip and traction.

Tacoma hauling boat

Test Drive And See For Yourself! | 2021 Toyota Tacoma in Brockton, MA


There is no doubt the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is all around the best option for any new mid-size truck. From towing capabilities to entertainment and media, the Tacoma blow its competition out of the water. Visit Copeland Toyota in Brockton, MA to test drive this amazing truck for yourself! Or, contact a member of our team for assistance on financing, leasing, or any questions you may have. Our team is here to help you find your new vehicle!