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Winter Toyota Service in MA | Copeland Toyota
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Winter Vehicle Service

Schedule Service This Winter Season at Copeland Toyota

Make sure your vehicle drives safely this winter season by scheduling proper vehicle maintenance. At Copeland, we understand that being part of the Copeland Toyota family means you may not expect or have the time to spend all day at our well-appointed service center

Ensure Vehicle Longevity

As you put miles on your new or recently bought Toyota, you’ll find that it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy them with the combination of reliability and performance. To ensure maximum longevity of your Toyota vehicle, make sure that you service your vehicle at the manufacturer-recommended intervals. 

Major service intervals for our Toyota vehicles include:

  • Every 5,000 Miles:
    • an oil change
    • a filter change
    • tire rotation
    • fluid inspection
  • Every 30,000 Miles:
    • replacement of cabin filters
    • replacement of air filters
    • inspection of transmission
    • inspection of ball joints
    • inspection of drive shaft boots
    • inspection of fuel system
    • inspection of radiator
    • inspection of steering system 
  • Every 45,000 Miles:
    • inspection of brake lines
    • inspection of hoses
    • inspection of exhaust system
    • inspection of steering system
    • inspection of radiator and condenser
  • Every 60,000 Miles:
    • repeat of the inspections from the 30,000-mile service interval
    • tire rotation
    • engine oil change
    • filter changes
  • Use your owner’s manual to find where your coolant tank, oil dipstick and transmission fluid tanks are.

    • They come marked with minimum and maximum levels.
    • If you see levels that are out of these bounds, schedule an appointment with us so that we can help you find out what’s going on.
  • Check your tires’ air pressure and wear levels.

    • If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it will let you know on the heads-up display whether or not you need inflation or one of your tires may have a leak.

    • However, you should also check each tire wear every few weeks.

    • The easiest way to do this is with a penny stuck between treads. If you can see all of Honest Abe’s head, you need to get your tires replaced soon.

  • Listen and feel for any brake issues.

  • Brake pads are designed to start screeching when you press them if they are low on material and need replacement.
  • You may also want to schedule service if you do not feel your brakes working as well as they have been.

Order Snow Tires

OEM Toyota Parts in Brockton 

When you want to ensure that the components going into your Toyota car, truck or SUV will work properly for its lifetime, leave it to the expert. At Copeland Toyota, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts when we service your vehicle. Winter Toyota maintenance such as tire alignment, rotations, and other basic services are recommended during the winter months. 

When ordering genuine Toyota parts from our Brockton parts center, you are trusting that the parts are properly designed for your Toyota vehicle. While Toyotas are popular, it’s true that some aftermarket companies try to get away with a one-size-fits-all approach to things like tires or brake rotors. If that happens, it can be tough for even the most experienced mechanic to ensure it will work properly with the Toyota systems in your vehicle. Our Toyota maintenance center is located near the Braintree, Brockton and surrounding MA areas.

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Schedule Your Toyota Maintenance at Copeland Toyota!

Our team of Toyota and ASE-certified technicians in Brockton have more than 10 years of experience each in making sure your Camry, Corolla, 4Runner or Tundra is ready to get back on the road, and work hard each and every day. We understand that owner members of the Copeland family may not have set aside eight hours of their schedule to spend at our service center. So we’ve made it easier to spend some time with us, even with kids in tow, or make sure that you can keep your daily schedule with the least amount of time.

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