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The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Value at Your Local Toyota Dealer

 Copeland Toyota's Money Saving Guide When Buying a Car

Copeland Toyota Dealership in MA

2021 and 2022 look different for a lot of people with presidential elections, the coronavirus pandemic and more. That’s no less true for buying a car, where a variety of factors have completely changed the calculus in terms of buying a new or used car from your local Toyota dealer or car lots near you. Whether you're looking for a used 2014 Corolla TSS in Massachusetts, or new Supra Sport models to joyride, our Toyota dealership can help.


To try and help navigate this new landscape, we’ve put together the A-Z guide (or front-bumper-to-back-bumper) to getting the best value for your money no matter your financial situation, desired features and more. Our new and used car dealership proudly serves the Brockton, Braintree, Boston, and surrounding New England areas. 

Buying vs. Leasing the Toyota for Sale on Our Lot
Purchasing a New Toyota in Brockton, MA

As we’ll dive into in the next section, cars, especially the Toyota Camry, Corolla, Sienna and other models that are coming off of our lot, are being built to higher standards than ever. As a result, people who buy new vehicles are finding that they have retained their value better than ever before, completely shaking up the used car market. What that also means is that the question of whether or not to buy or lease the Toyota for sale that catches your eye has become more complex.



The key issue with buying versus leasing a car is knowing what you are paying for vs. what you are getting. When you buy a new car, even if you plan on taking out a multi-year loan for Toyota payment, you will still own the car outright at the end of the contract. As a result, your Toyota payment is more than it would be during a lease. The flipside is that you can either decide to sell your used Toyota vehicle to someone else or use it as a trade in because it will still be worth several thousands of dollars! 

However, some car shoppers see a Toyota for sale on a dealer lot and would rather not deal with the hassle of continuing to make payments on that vehicle, selling it, or being on the hook for longer-term repairs. They might opt for a two- or three-year lease of that same vehicle instead. The monthly payments are lower because:

  • You are not getting the Toyota vehicle at the end of the lease period. You deliver it back to the dealer.
  • When buying a new Toyota vehicle, what you are paying for is depreciation. Cars, trucks and SUVs lose value as soon as they drive off the lot, up to 30 percent in the first year. Then, the value begins to plateau over the course of the next several years. When you submit your Toyota payment, you pay the loss in value of the vehicle to the dealership.
  • You are also paying for peace of mind- with the shorter length of a lease, you are always under Toyota factory warranty coverage if something goes wrong under the hood or throughout the cabin. On the bright side however, when leasing a Toyota vehicle, you also get complimentary maintenance and service that extends for at least the first two years or 24,000 miles. Service luxuries such as Toyota roadside assistance, Toyota oil change, collision repair are offered here at Copeland Toyota of Braintree, Brockton, and surround MA areas! 

In addition, when leasing a Toyota vehicle, if you are a realtor or operate as a contractor, you may be able to take tax deductions that make it even more appealing on a financial level! Thus, lowering your Toyota payment monthly However, you should always speak to an accountant regarding decisions like these if you are an independent contractor or own your own business.



Popular Leased Vehicles at Copeland Toyota:

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a crowd favorite for drivers year after year. This timeless vehicle offers versatility that cannot be beat! The Corolla allows company of all types: solo drivers, friends, or children. Families often purchase the Corolla with TSS also known as Toyota Safety Sense. View Copeland Toyota's payment options or compare it to other vehicles such as Corolla Cross vs Rav4. Lease a Toyota Corolla with TSS today at Copeland your Toyota dealer of NH, MA, and all New England areas! 

2021 corolla
Toyota Supra 

Many people want the luxary of driving a sports car but don't want to handle the upkeep over the years. By leasing a vehicle, you can get the best of both worlds! The Toyota Supra is extremely popular among Toyota leases for this exact reason. View the stock of Supra models here at Copeland or view our other sports cars such as the Camry Super Sport! Talk to one of our Copeland finance managers about different Toyota payment options when leasing a new Toyota vehicle.


2021 supra

New vs. Used vs Certified Pre-Owned
Toyota Dealers in NH, MA, and Surrounding New England

The next step is to decide whether or not to buy new car, used car or certified pre-owned vehicle. The difficulty here is that a lot depends on whether or not you work with a Toyota dealer like Copeland or go to any run-of-the-mill dealership. New and certified pre-owned vehicles offer similar benefits and as such have a price premium over used vehicles you might buy from a private seller.

New Car Pros and Challenges

  • Pro: No one else has used the vehicle so there are no hidden problems to be had
  • Pro: You can find amazing deals such as used cars under 20K at Copeland Toyota
  • Pro: You get the latest in technology in terms of both performance and electronics
  • Pro: You are covered by a warranty and, in the case of a Toyota dealership like Copeland, complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance for at least two years and 24,000 miles
  • Pro: You have multiple financing options and the most incentives, including from your local bank and the manufacturer’s servicing wing
  • Challenge: New cars are more expensive than used and even certified pre-owned options



Certified Pre-Owned Pros and Challenges

  • Pro: At a Toyota dealer like Copeland, CPO vehicles face a 140-160-point inspection to detect any potential issues prior to re-sale
  • Pro: Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are often recent models, still offering many of the latest safety and other features but at a significant discount
  • Pro: CPO vehicles maintain their original factory warranty and may be eligible for any maintenance and roadside assistance programs offered by the manufacturer
  • Pro: You have the option of financing and attractive incentives from the dealership’s financing department
  • Challenge: You may still pay more than you would for a similar vehicle from a private seller



Used Vehicle Pros and Challenges

  • Pro: Used vehicles are the most affordable way to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you vehicle
  • Challenge: You have to find your own financing, either cash or through a loan
  • Challenge: You must have any inspection done by a local mechanic or trust the buyer
  • Challenge: You have little to no support from the seller once you purchase the vehicle and obtain the title
  • Thousands of people choose one of these three options each day and all are popular choices. We recommend considering your level of mechanical expertise, desire for protection and need for safety and technological features along with your budget when deciding which of these three makes sense for you.



Popular New and Used Vehicles at Copeland Toyota:

Used Toyota Prius

Fuel effecient and incredibly safe, the Toyota Prius is as reliable as they come! View different Toyota Prius models in Boston or browse other used cars under 20k such as the Corolla or Camry. Talk to one of our Copeland finance managers about different Toyota payment options when purchasing a used vehicle.

2021 prius
New Toyota Rav4

The Toyota RAV4 has incredible range from on the road to off the road adventures! The RAV4 offers tank-like climbing features while maintaining a sleek, bold exterior. This Toyota vehicle is guaranteed to be worth every penny. Compare Toyota vehicles like the Corolla vs RAV4 or Camry Sport vs Supra! 

2021 rav4

Find Your Toyota for Sale at Copeland Toyota

With our combination of the newest Toyota RAV4, Sienna, Camry and Corollas filling our showroom and lot, we’re excited to show you the latest in quality and performance with the same reliability you’ve known and can count on. When you combine that with Toyota Care and our expert technicians with decades of experience working on our cars, you know that you’re protected no matter what life throws at you.


And with Toyota’s stringent certified pre-owned program, we can also guarantee that same level of attention to detail when we inspect recent models, offer the same manufacturer incentives and guarantee warranty coverage as if that recent Tundra or Yaris had just come from the manufacturer.


We want to provide an environment here at Copeland Toyota where you feel like buying your next car, truck or SUV is just the first step in your ownership journey. From our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to flexible finance department, we still understand that keeping you on the road is the most important part of such a major purchase.


It’s why our service center has amenities for your kids and you to make waiting easy, Toyota Express Care to ensure rapid maintenance on a schedule you can trust and even rental options if your vehicle needs to be in the shop.


At Copeland Toyota, we’ve been serving the Braintree area for years as your Toyota dealer. We’ve made friends and extended our family and we look forward to doing so for years to come. View our current inventory or visit our showroom today to learn more.

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